IA Werktuigbouw has the following expertise:

Building installations:
systems for the optimum management of the living and working climate in buildings, for example for schools, offices, hotels, health care centres, public institutions and for industry.
– Mechanical engineering:
unique solutions for machines in production processes, from fine mechanical to heavy duty installations.
– Industry:
pipe transport and conveyor systems, in particular for handling drinking water, for the paper and packaging industries, for the foodstuffs industry and other processes.
logistics solutions for existing and new production processes.
– Environmental technology:
advice and constructional work in the environmental field, in particular in view of increasingly stricter requirements.
– Software:
various software packages for drawing work (2D/3D) and calculations (EEM, EPC, TO, channel and piping systems).
– Project management:
support for projects prior to, during and after these are carried out.